Always Natural. Never artificial.

Incorporating The Mediterranean's Best Ingredients

It’s simple really. Great ingredients create great products. With that in mind, we have ensured that our pre-mixed cocktails are created from the best elements that nature has to offer.


Tempranillo Grapes

These famed red grapes are grown in Northern Spain and are used for the world-famous full-bodied Rioja wines. Tempranillo comes from Temprano which means early in Spanish- aptly named since these grapes ripen earlier than other native grapes of Spain.

Both our craft gin and vodka is based on alcohol derived from Tempranillo grapes. Something quite uncommon in the world and something we are proud of. Our ready to drink Negroni and Espresso Martini became just a bit more special now, didn’t it?



Our licorice roots are sourced from Northern Spain and used as one of the many botanicals in our craft gin that goes on to form our Negroni. Licorice roots are nothing like the black licorice candies that we know of. Tender licorice roots are sweet. In fact, it has a sweetening power 50 to 100 times that of sugar. That’s why, perhaps, the fresh roots have been enjoyed as candy in the Mediterranean region since ages. Not to mention its natural healing properties with various ailments. Maybe you’ll notice the sweetness of licorice in our pre-mixed Alembiq Negroni!



The yellow gentian grows in mountainous regions and its roots have been used a kind of universal remedy for various ailments since time immemorial. We source our gentian roots from the northern mountainous region of Spain.

Such is the potent bitterness of the gentian roots that it has been called “king of bitter herbs”. Well, now you know what makes our bitter liqueurs so bitter! We’re sure you will not miss it in our craft Negroni and, just slightly, in our Manhattan!

Oh, another thing, before the discovery of hops, gentian roots was used as a flavouring agent in beer!


Bitter Oranges

A native of South Asia, bitter oranges were brought to Spain by the Moors and now these trees line every calle (street) of Seville, infusing the city with the heavenly aroma of their blossoms every spring.

Too bitter to eat as a fruit, the bitter oranges are perfect for marmalade due to their high pectin content and as such has become a staple component of English breakfast.

We use them for the touch of the heavenly aroma in our bitters that you’ll find infuse Alembiq Manhattan and Negroni.