Our Story

There’s a story behind every idea.
And here is ours of inspiration fueled by frustration.

The Alembiq Origins

About our Brewery

The Problem

One evening, happy to just kick back and relax at home, myself and some friends felt like a cocktail. We realized, of course, we were missing key ingredients and, honestly, were too tired and couldn't be bothered with getting everything, mixing and effort needed to put together any of our favourites. We weren’t interested in going out again, our shoes were off, our feet were up, best spot on the sofa had been bagged. It seemed like we’d have to settle for some second-best drink option, yet again.

The Idea

We started talking about pre-bottling our favourite cocktails and when a time like this comes around again, we'd just have to shake and pour. Enjoying our drink but without the effort. And we did just that with our favourites – Manhattan, Negroni and Espresso Martini. We got friends and acquaintances to try out our batched cocktails. We asked them what they thought. They all said they were awesome. Awesome, we thought, was a pretty positive response, so we decided to put it in a bottle. Thus, Alembiq was born, a name that pays homage to the original alembic copper stills used to first distil spirits centuries ago.


The Production

We had our little bottles of awesomeness and everyone wanted one. Time to get help with manufacturing and actually go into production, you'd agree? But how do you find a manufacturer willing to help a small company with big ideas? Well, you try to find a small manufacturer with big ideas. And we found one – the first urban craft distillery of Spain! They loved the idea, understood the essence of the craft as much as we did since their whole existence has been as a distillery that sources local, natural ingredients, uses traditional copper alembic stills for distillation and is passionate about their craft.

Voila! - The Solution

We got together- craftsmen, idea generator, mixologist- and brainstormed over ingredients and recipes. And multiple iterations later our cocktails were born. Three perfectly mixed, ready to drink, iconic classics! Handcrafted, in small batches, and with loads of love, passion and dedication. We think you too are going to be uttering the word 'awesome' shortly after you've tried one.